These Pushing Daisies pages take the cake!

The Pie Maker, the ultimate PD fansite. This page has everything – interviews, videos, and some amazing exclusives (including a trip to the set!)

A great Pushing Daisies Wiki which is kept up-to-date (and from which I grabbed character descriptions for this site!)

The official ABC page for the show, including comics, a message board and some nice desktop backgrounds.

The Costumer’s Guide to Movie Costumes – a great site for fans of clothing and costumes in films and television, with extensive image galleries and details.

The Purl Hole, a LiveJournal community that focuses on recreating Emerson’s knitting patterns. Adorable!

For episode screencaps, magazine scans, public appearances and promo photos, check out Pushing Daisies TV and

We’ll continue to add links as more pages start springing up. Stay tuned!