Hi, and welcome to Dressing Daisies, a fan site focusing on the clothing and costumes featured on the amazing ABC show Pushing Daisies. The world of PD is beautiful and whimsical, filled with colors and patterns, and retro styles mixed with modern glamour. The men are adorable and the women are beautiful. Is it any wonder we’re all such huge fans?

I’ll try to include every costume I see, but sometimes I miss a few. If you think it should be included, please add a comment and let me know!

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Latest news – August/September

– Hooray! After the delay by the writers’ strike, the producers of Pushing Daisies decided to start fresh with a second season instead of finishing out season 1. We have a whole year of Daisies to look forward to – starting with episode 1 on October 1, 2008, titled “Bzzzzzzzzz.”

The Season 2 teaser trailer was released at Comic-con! So many clothes to drool over…watch this site as I update the characters with promotional photos.

Pushing Daisies season 1 is available on Amazon. Show your love with commercial support!

– Throughout September, The Pile Hole is hitting the road! A fully immersive set will be traveling around the U.S. offering free pie and swag to fans of the show. PushingDaisiesTour for more info.

– Finally, in Daisies fashion news, Anna Friel designed a pair of heels for the charity auctioneer Clothes Off Our Back – and the shoes boast adorable gold daisies. Gotta represent! (Thanks to the Pie Maker for the tip)